Vernissage - Dari Ignal // Christina Fedchenko

Vernissage – Dari Ignal // Christina Fedchenko
Montag, 06.07.20: 19:30 Uhr

Dari Ignal zeigt Bilder von der New York City Pride 2018. Gemeinsam mit der Künstlerin Christina Fedchenko stellt sie diese unter dem provokanten Titel “white straight life matter” im Sub aus.

White straight life matter.
Yeah, I'm serious. They actually do.
How do you feel reading this sentence?
Doesn't it seem strange to you or maybe even hilarious? Does it have to be said out loud? Isn't it obvious?
Let's imagine just for a flinch of a second the world, where that sentence made sense. The world where white straight men needed to be protected and appreciated just as the others.
The world where a black gay woman would speak from the position of power, would be a decision-maker, but still would be generous enough to accept someone who's not the same race or gender like her.
The moment we realize, how incredible that sounds to us is the moment we take step forward to realizing rigidity of our society's mind, despite all the loud words.
What we're trying to say here is that we need to give up on the differences we have and start appreciating the things we have in common. Because in the end of the day the only thing that matters is LIFE.
The black life, the white life. Straight or gay, Christian, atheist, old, young, thin, fat.
That's what we actually celebrate here and now: the life. And as the utmost beautiful expression of it: LOVE. That's what are the works of beautiful artists Dari Ingal and Indie Ru (cofounders of ARTlantic Design) are about.
Everyone's beautiful in their own way and deserves to be loved and appreciated.

Words: Christina Fedchenko

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